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3 Tips to Talk About Sex with Your Partner

Let’s talk about sex!!!!  Talking about sex with your partner doesn’t have to be an awkward moment between you two, every single time you sit down and have a discussion.  If your partner isn’t the most affectionate person, you can ease into a healthy conversation around sex.  You may want to try new things or add having more sex into the relationship more often than you do now.  Whatever your reasons are behind sparking up a conversation with your partner around sex, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming for either of you.

Felicia T. Simpson

Wait until the right time.  Don’t talk to your partner about sex as soon as they walk in the door from a busy day at work.  Wait until there’s a quiet moment and your partner feels relaxed to have the conversation.  You don’t want your partner to feel attacked if you have the conversation when they’re stressed out already.  Another reason that waiting until the right time is important because you want your partner to be actively listening to what you have to say.  I’m not a licensed therapist but I know the basics of the benefits of active listening.

Decide on a location to talk about sex.  Please whatever you do, don’t talk about sex in the bedroom with your partner.  If you know that your partner freaks out whenever you bring up sex, they may feel pressured to talk about it, while lying in bed.  Pick a place preferably outside of the home so that you both can feel comfortable talking about sex.  If outdoors is not an option for you, than chose any room in the house, other than the bedroom.

Never complain about the sex you’re currently having.  If you want more sex, complaining about the lack of sex you’re not having, won’t make your partner run into the bedroom and have more sex with you.  Recall moments that made you happy before having sex with your partner to set the mood for the conversation.  Starting any conversation with negativity is not the way to get what you ultimately want, especially with wanting sex.  Your partner has feelings so make sure that you approach them with positive words and actions to follow.

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