By Michael Daniels
Journal Staff Writer 

On Thursday, November 18, The Area Office On Aging of Northwest Ohio, assisted by the National Guard, descended on The J. Frank Troy Senior Center to conduct another COVID-19 Vaccine drive, this one especially for the residents of the 43604-zip code. Ireatha Hollie, the AOoA Director of Medical Education, who is also a registered pharmacist, stated that data showed that this zip code has only a 42% vaccination rate, leaving 58% of residents not vaccinated. “That huge,” she said. “That is why we are here today, in this area, and we are encouraging as many people as possible to come and get their first dose of the vaccine.”

LTC Amanda Fortman: Army Nurse explains the benefits of getting vaccinated
to Brenda Totty at the AooA ‘Take Your Best Shot’ Vaccine drive at the J. Frank
Troy Center

Some of the encouragement she was referring to were the free gifts incentives participants received for getting their first shot of the vaccine. These gifts included a $100 gift card to Meijers, and a free Holiday food box feeding four people. Plus, all participants were entered into a drawing for a free cell phone and a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. In addition, everyone who attended the vaccine drive got a free hot lunch from J Mae’s Home Cooking.

Sonia Griffin brought her mother Brenda Jones to the center to get vaccinated. When asked why she waited so long, Brenda Jones said, “I could not decide if I wanted it or not, and I didn’t know if it would even do any good. Finally, I decided to follow through and get the shot. I did not want to get COVID-19 myself, and I did not want to spread it to anyone else. I also plan to get the second shot and I think others should do the same, so we can slow this virus down and stop it from spreading.”

Sonia Griffin (R) brought her mother Brenda Jones to The Troy Senior Center to get vaccinated, they are seen here with a free Holiday Meal Box that feed 4 people and a free $100 gift card given to everyone who got vaccinated

Another person who took advantage of the free COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic was Christopher Shoecraft, who said, “At first, I was leery about it, because I am a healthy person, but my mother is always on me about getting a flu shot. This time she called and told me about the clinic today, so I decided to come and get it done. I try to take care of myself, but you never know about what may happen to your body. I plan to do this all the way with the second shot and the booster. Likewise, I recommend that everyone look more into this and do their reading, and then go from there! I feel blessed, and I’m glad that I woke up to another glorious day and that I had the opportunity to come here and get my first vaccine shot.”

Some of those who participated in AOoA ‘Take Your Best Shot’ vaccine clinic at The J. Frank Troy Senior Center were (L-R) Deborah Barnett, Ireatha Hollie: AooA Director of Medical Education, Billie Johnson: AooA President/CEO, Regina Russell: AooA Director of Plan 4 Home, Troy Fowler: SFC PSG West, Pat McLemore: Senior Service NHA, and David Lane: LTC TF

AOoA’s Ireatha Hollie went on to say, “If you are mistrustful about getting the vaccine, you should consult with a health professional and find out the facts first. Some of the people, who are in the hospital today, with severe cases of COVID-19 are those who were not vaccinated, this alone tells me the vaccine works. Protect yourself and others, I encourage everybody to get vaccinated for everyone’s well-being” For more information on how, where, and why, please call ‘The Area Office on Aging of Northwest Ohio’, at 419-382-0624. We can answer all your questions about COVID-19 and the vaccines.