Have you ever had a love that made you just want to dance?  Have you met or experienced the love of your life?  Will you live this life and never have the opportunity to love, and dance, and sing with joy over the unconditional or sexy love that you shared with another individual. Who will be the last person you will ever love?  Who will you share a “last love dance” with?  What will be your “last love dance”?

Most people want to experience this thing I’m calling a “love dance” or a “last love dance”, but question whether they will get a chance. The “love dance” is one of the most precious gifts one human can give to another.  The “love dance” is more than a relationship, it’s a powerful choice.  It will make you commit to the well-being, health, dreams, happiness, mistakes, victories, and to making life better for someone else.  It will make you push forward, when you feel like giving up.  It will make you get involved when you could turn and go another way. It will make you stand for something rather than fall for anything.    This “love dance” I’m speaking of is a 24-hour marathon in your spirit, heart, mind, and soul.

Have you had to care for a parent or child who needed your love and acceptance as they transitioned from life into their own “last love dance”?  Or, have you had to console a teenager who just broke up with the person that they just knew would be the last person they would ever love?  A last love dance may feel permanent at the time, but you must dance, sing, and pray your way through.

Understanding that the greatest love always starts from God and ends up in you will help you to love, celebrate, accept, and appreciate the “love dance” and the “last love dance”. If and when you come across your one true dance partner, it will help you to accept even the “last love dance” with them–knowing that it is better to have loved than to never have loved at all.

So, embrace the moments. Live the moments.  Be in the moment and dance like nobody’s watching!


Dear Sam, my boyfriend is the best man I have ever met, we have been together for four months, and he’s always there for me, he’s kind and treats me like a queen. My question is why hasn’t he told me he loves me yet? (Diane, 26)


Diane, he will eventually tell you he loves you just give him time. Celebrate the fact that he is a great man, he is consistent and his actions are speaking louder than words. Be happy, live in the moment, and be grateful for the man you have.

Dr. Sam’s Secret Garden Tip of the week:

Your job is what they pay you to do, your work is what you were born to do. ~Dr. Sam


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