To all the men out there who handle their business God bless you. Ladies, I am going to give you seven things men want you to know and do. If you have a man who is very good to you be thankful. Remember, good men are out there contrary to belief, just make sure you are qualified to receive one.

Man Secret 1:

Men love sex. Most women think that’s all men want and that is true to a certain degree, but not for the reasons you think. For example, men want sex because it’s a stress reliever, it give him confidence, it strokes his ego, makes him feel powerful, motivates him to win in life, it feels good and clears his head so he can think. Did you know that? Sex makes a man feel like he can conquer the world. Ladies, here is a little secret he can only get this from the women he is in love with. Ladies, men are going to get sex one way or another I suggest that you master his sexual DNA.

Man Secret 2:  

All men want to be respected. Any man who says respect doesn’t matter just doesn’t know any better. Respect to a man is what marriage is to a woman. Most men would rather have respect before love because if you don’t respect him he is not going to feel loved.

Man Secret 3:

Men want to be loved. A lot of women may not believe this but it’s true. The problem is most men don’t know how to express themselves because in society it kind of sounds weak when a man says I need love. Listen, to your man on this one by how he feels and what he says.

Man Secret 4:  

Men need your support. Especially, if you are the woman he is in love with. When a man feels he is supported, he will go out there and conquer the world. If your man is crazy too. I can’t say enough about support, ladies it’s a 1,000 percent return on investment.

Man Secret 5:

Everything is tied to a man’s ego. A man’s ego is what your emotions are to you, if you can connect to his ego you have won the game. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about, when you tell him he is the world that is stroking his ego. If you can’t tell him that it’s your fault because you picked him.

Man Secret 6:   

Most men want appreciation, affirmation and acknowledgement. All ladies can relate to this because this is high on your list so remember your man just wants you to acknowledge him after any job well done. Appreciate him for who he is and what he does. This will go along way with him if done at least once a day.  

Man Secret 7:   

Men, hate wining, nagging and complaining women. Hate is a strong word, but I am using it to make a strong point. These three things are guaranteed to run a man away. If you are that woman that does this stop it. If you have a man and you’re like this he is either just like you or he is ignoring you all together.     

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