Every journey equals a lifetime. This week think about your legacy. If you were to write your own eulogy what would it say about you? What impact did you have on your family, city, country and the world at large? What purpose did you serve on your journey? Who did you help and what was the outcome? What problems did you solve and what problem did create? The world is your foot stool use it to make a difference.


Dear Dr. Sam,

I work for a company where I just got promoted. I have great ideas on what to do to make the company better, but I am having a hard time getting my co-workers on board with me. What can I do to get us all on the same page?

Rick, 52


Thank you Rick for that great question. There is a whole lot that can be said in the answer to this question. Remember, the three C’s communication, creditability and common sense. Any time you are leading people you will have to embrace these three things. Communication is letting them know what you are going to do, give them instructions on what they are to do, then empower them to do it. Creditability means being worthy of being followed. If the people you’re leading can’t trust you they will not invest or follow you. In situations like this, leadership can be Creditability on layaway. Common sense, knowing what to do at the right time is priceless. Take your time. Be the example. Be willing to serve and everything will fall in place.

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