Most people want to experience true love, but what does that mean? Love is powerful. Love will make you do things you wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. Love is more than being in a relationship, it’s a 24-hour commitment to your love.

Love is powerful, love is a choice, it will make you commit to your partners well- being, their health, dreams, happiness, mistakes, victories and making their life better. Love is powerful because it doesn’t judge you on past mistakes, bad decisions or unauthorized entry. It loves you in the here and now.

Love will always look at you from the end back to the beginning. Understand the greatest love always starts from God and ends up in you. If you ever come across your one true love you will understand love is powerful.


Dear Dr. Sam,

I have never been in love before, but I am waiting on the day it will come into my life. My question is what should I expect when it comes?

Lori, 36



When loves comes it will show up in so many ways. For example, you will feel empowered, free, and divine. Everything looks good, things that mattered before don’t matter that much. The euphoria that love brings is unbelievable you will feel it. Lori when love comes your way, write me and let me know what happens. Love is powerful.

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