Most people enter into a relationship with all types of expectations love, family, fun and everything in between. When money is brought into the picture it can and will change the dynamics of your relationship. Whether, you agree or not no matter how in love you are, how great you feel, nobody can deny the fact that money plays a big part in any relationship. Bills have to be paid, food has to be bought, debts has to be paid off and clothes have to purchase and so on. If love cost should you marry for money? How many of you can honestly say money was not considered when they got with someone? Why wouldn’t you consider it? Nobody wakes saying I need a broke man or women? I know some of you will say I get with people because of who they are or I love them. That’s sounds good, but what happens when love can’t pay those bill? What happens when you can’t go on vacation and what happens when you can’t take care of yourself? Are you sure money should not be a factor? I am just saying if love cost should you marry for money?  

Question 1:

Dear Dr. Sam,

I totally agree with what you are saying about money and a relationship. My question is which is most important money or everything else?

(Jeannie, 26)


Dear Jeannie,

All of it is important. Sometimes one becomes a little more of a priority than the other, but make sure you plan your life with the things you want to see. Love does cost a certain price but above all use wisdom in every area of your life

Question 2:

Dear Dr. Sam,

My fiancé and I can’t agree on money in our relationship. What should we do?

(Scott, 35)

Answer :

Dear Scott,

Money can be a big issue in any relationship. The quick answer is to get counseling. Hopefully, you can solve the problem. Depending on the outcome you and your fiancé will have to make some decisions and build on your future.

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