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Doni Miller

Neighborhood Health Association (NHA), honored their CEO, Doni Miller. Members from various grass roots organizations, as well as the business, and political community attended the celebration on Saturday, September 15, in downtown Toledo, 237 Michigan St.

The semi-formal, catered, affair, had officials from NHA, speaking about how valuable Ms. Miller has been to Toledo.

Neighborhood Health Association Doni Miller | The Toledo Journal

Local, state, and national governmental leaders spoke at the event as well, some of which included a representative from Governor John Kasich’s Office, a video message from Senator Sherrod Brown, Representative Marcy Kaptur, Toledo Mayor, Wade Kapszukiewicz, Toledo City Councilwoman, Yvonne Harper.

Lisa Matthews, manager of marketing, and communications at NHA, told The Toledo Journal that the event was to honor Ms. Miller’s leadership since taking the position 25 years ago, and how she continues to help the disadvantage.

“When she took over the leadership at NHA 25 years ago, we only had one building; now there are 15 throughout the city,” she said. “I’ve never met a person more passionate about helping people,” Ms. Matthews expressed.

Dr. Carnel Smith, principle at Scott High School, said Ms. Miller is an excellent example for girls.

“In Ms. Miller is an excellent example for any young lady to look up to. You see in her consistency and professionalism to successfully complete a job,” he said.

“I’m completely overwhelmed by the turnout, and the kind words coming from everyone,” Ms. Miller said.

National Health Association Doni Miller | The Toledo Journal

Not a newcomer when it comes to helping others, Ms. Miller marched for civil rights while in high school, and in college, joined progressive organizations that gave back to the community.

“Many times, African Americans aren’t properly represented in the medical field, and I want to be a part of making sure they get the proper treatment they deserve. I work with the most amazing people. We believe in equal treatment of all human being, and we have an obligation to make sure we can help them,” she said.