Spiritual Leader Apostle Marvin D. Crittenden says, “Helping those in need is something that God would have us do as a church."

By Michael Daniels
Journal Staff Writer 

Every month for the last 15 years, ‘His Word Global Ministries’ at 1621 Dorr St. in Toledo, Ohio has sponsored a free food pantry for those in the community that are in need.

Last month’s pantry was Saturday, December 18, from 11:00, am to 1:00. There was one January 15th and the next one is February 19, 2022. This is a part of the church’s outreach ministry, Apostle Marvin D. Crittenden, the Spiritual Leader of the church says, “We are out in the community trying to help people in need, not with just food, but also with clothing. We also help people in other areas by referring them to the right agencies when they require help with housing, rental assistance, utilities, and other food banks. We can’t do all these things here, but we know where to send people for the help they require. Furthermore, we do this because God says this is what we are supposed to do, help one another”.

Kenneth Walker (R) presents James Bevehing Jr. and Nicole Davis with their food box at the
‘His Word Global Ministries’ monthly free food pantry.

Apostle Marvin D. Crittenden has been in the Lord’s ministry for 19 years. Raised in the church, he started out as a youth minister and as time progresses, he became the national youth leader with the Tabernacle Churches of God. From that point on because of his faithfulness and his obedience to the Word of God, he was elevated in the church again to a higher position, which led him to where he is today, an Apostle.

An Apostle is a master builder and is someone who goes around teaching the Word of God and starting new churches. In Toledo, ‘His Word Global Ministries’ has two churches, one on Dorr St. and another on the south side. Apostle Crittenden is the Apostle at both churches and teaches members how to spread the word of the Lord.  His goal for the future is to see people saved and set free, “I want to reach out to those that are lost and continue to help those who are in need. I want to be able to send others out and open up new churches in Toledo, as well as, outside of Toledo.

‘His Word Global Ministries’ sponsor’s monthly free food pantry at the church, helping with the December pantry were church members (L-R) Marquisa Walker, Apostle Marvin D. Crittenden, Christella Jackson, and Kenneth Walker.

“There are many goals that we have when it comes to serving God, but we have to wait on his timing. I want major ministries all over, because the gospel needs to be spread all over the world. I’m praying God will continue to lead us and guide us,” said Apostle Crittenden. “My wish for mankind is for us all to come together and do what the word of God says! He is coming back, but he has given us time to get it together, because when he does come, it will be too late to get it together then. In the meantime, we will keep helping others and doing his will.” 

His Word Global Ministries’ doors are open to the public and all are welcome to come and learn the words of the Lord. Tuesday Bible study is at 6:30 pm online, Sunday school is Sunday at 9:00 am, Sunday morning worship is 10:00 am. For more information call (419) 699-9072.