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Is the G.O.P. Becoming the party of WINGNUTS?

If you were an aspiring screen writer and wanted to break into the business of writing scripts for made for TV movies; and if you were to write that the GOP was morphing into the party of wingnuts, conspiracy kooks, white nationalists and brainwashed white evangelicals, you would win first prize.

Lafe Tolliver
Lafe Tolliver, Attorney

When you survey the volatile political landscape since the attempted Insurrection of January 6th, you may have read the plethora of articles, coast to coast that evidence that the GOP is circling the wagons and only the true and righteous are allowed entry.

If you show the least bit of dishonor or can not pass a loyalty litmus test, your GOP street cred is in serious doubt and you may be cast as a questionable soldier in the fight for the purity of America and all things cherished and noble.

The GOP in states such as Hawaii Oregon, Texas, Arizona is teeing up their energy to purge their respective state parties of any laggards that are not in lock step with the personality cult of Herr Trump.

Although Trump has been exorcised from the White House, his presence and “power” [?] is still an overwhelming influence on his base which howls, in union, to the moon when their dear leader makes his presence known.

Time will tell as to the success of the voting machine company, Dominion’s lawsuit being successful against Attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell for their repeated coarse and baseless lies that the company was engaged in massive voter fraud and that the company was the brainchild of the late dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Trump has hit the mother lode with his ceaseless year in and year out lies about democracy, voting, equality, racial hatred and just pure vileness against those that he has deemed, enemy of the people, including the media that rebukes his foolishness.

Tragically, his base, seemingly not able to extricate themselves from their mis-information bubble about what is up and what is down and even believing, for purposes of exaggeration, that water is really dry and not wet, have knighted Trump their hero who will save them from all of those who would ask them to simply objectively validate the nonsense about an election being stolen.

Remember…it was not Trump who has caused these Grand Canyon divisions in the culture. He only exacerbated what was lying beneath the thin level of America’s civility and their (not all) latent hostility about all things racial.

Trump was the proverbial canary in the coalmine but in this instance, he survived the coal mine and sanctioned America’s unresolved racial animus; and especially so when one reckons that the attempt to overturn the election results centers around five to six urban black areas in several swing states.

The GOP is not winning converts to its cause and coupled with the declining birth rate of white America and the party becoming a mostly all white and older party, that will doom them to minority party status unless they can suppress the black and brown vote and maintain the Electoral College which is skewed towards white rural America.

For all practicable purposes, the presently constituted GOP is now the Party Of Trump (P.O.T.) and because of his narcissism and cynical view of democracy, he will continue to cause mind rot wherever he speaks and will not tame his voracious appetite to cause chaos and division whenever it suits his purposes.

As you may have heard, there are published statement from the GOP faithful that the recent invasion of the Capitol Building was in fact a, “false flag” (a staged event, planned by the political opposition) undertaking done not by Trump supporters but by those who wanted to shame and discredit the followers of Trump! Go figure.

Ten dollars to a donut that the feckless GOP senate will not convict him of encouraging sedition because those pusillanimous members are terrified of being primaried and losing a fat cat job that they know that they cannot replicate in the real world.

If I were to compose the oath that these sycophants were to take in allegiance to Herr Trump, it would recite as the following:

“I (insert your name) before both nation and flag commit my resources
and body to the furtherance of the P.O.T. I solemnly pledge that I will
faithfully pledge my time and efforts to the making of America as it was
before. I will defend and fight any person or institution that will assert
itself against the P.O.T.

Furthermore, I will promote the glorious goals of the P.O.T. in all my endeavors and will strive to be a loyal member to this great cause that has been given divine direction.”

We live in interesting times.

Lafe Tolliver, Attorney
comments to: tolliver@juno.com

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