Jacqueline Humphrey’s life changed in an instant in 2016. The Toledo native sustained major injuries in an auto accident, including an injured spinal cord and shoulder resulting in surgical interventions. The thought of taking opioids to manage the pain and possibly not fully recovering pushed her into action.

Jacqueline Humphrey

Jacqueline’s recovery was long, challenging, and a bit scary. It was during her recovery that she decided to take it upon herself to research nutritional therapy and other ways that she could heal her body naturally. She wanted to eat and live with intention and get back on track both physically and mentally. The time she spent in her recliner and neck brace allowed her to slow down and consider how to flip the negative into a positive.

She invested in both her physical healing and education to heal her own body and educate her community so they could heal their bodies, as well.  Now, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Jacqueline is thankful for the “rude awakening.”

Jacqueline says, “self-care is more than a pedicure or a bubble bath. Sometimes you must work.”

Jacqueline says, “self-care is more than a pedicure or a bubble bath. Sometimes you must work.”

Today, after sitting on an undeveloped seed conceived in 2017, Jacqueline decided to mix her wellness knowledge with mental health advocacy-situational mental health stressors that come with real-life adulting. Lovely Things Co, a wellness-inspired mental health advocacy brand, is her newest business venture.

The statement t-shirts and tote bags she designs allow her Sandwich Generation customers, those who are sandwiched between raising/caring for their own children/spouses/grandchildren and caring for their aging parents, to wear their voice and start a conversation.

She says, “The pressures of family, professional, and personal responsibilities can be overwhelming, and self-care tends to be low on the priority list for these caregivers.  Stress, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, plus poor wellness habits can lead to health issues. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, overall wellness is the fundamental message. However, the adjacent message is you are enough, you are worthy, and you should prioritize your well-being.”

It is reported that approximately 12% of parents are a part of the Sandwich Generation and are quietly suffering under the weight of stress associated with managing the diverse care needs of multiple people. Studies show that those in the Sandwich Generation lose at least a half-hour of sleep per night. This opens the door to the development of chronic stress which is the catalyst for serious health problems (high blood pressure, depression, etc.).

Jacqueline says, “Our message is you can and should show up as your authentic self without apology. Every. Damn. Day. Prioritizing your self-care includes rest, eating like you care, moving your body, and incorporating joy and laughter in your life.  They are all important components of wellness. Own your feelings of overwhelm. Set and enforce boundaries.  Talk about your struggles in safe spaces. Then choose you.”


You can learn more about Jacqueline and view the statement t-shirts at www.shoplovelythings.com