Michael Byrd 40th Birthday | The Toledo Journal
Michael Byrd wanted a Hollywood theme, so everyone who attended, felt special. From left are Kiara, and Ayanna Byrd, daughters, Michael Byrd, Nicole Lindsey, girlfriend, and Lailah Byrd, daughter.

By Jurry Taalib-Deen
Journal Staff Writer

Normally, when someone celebrates his/her life, it’s all about them. For Michael Byrd, his birthday celebration was more about the people in his life.

Born 40 years ago on September 19, Mr. Byrd held his party on Friday, September 21, at the UAW Hall on Jackman Rd.

With a Hollywood theme, engineered by his cousin, Kendra Grant, guests walked a red carpet when entering the hall, and were immediately greeted by the party’s, personal, paparazzi.

From there, Mr. Byrd personally welcomed everyone, while the flash on the paparazzi continued to flash.

“Even though tonight is my birthday, it’s really not about me; it’s about the people in my life. As long as I have the ones I care aobut in my life, there’s no need of me wanting anything else for my birthday,” Mr. Byrd told The Toledo Journal.

He further pointed out that family members took the time out to make sure the evening was a success, and enjoyable. Mr. Byrd said they cooked, put up the decorations, and other things. “That’s why tonight is about the ones in my life; because they give of themselves,” he said.

Michael Byrd 40th Birthday | The Toledo Journal
Bob and Tracy Lindsey, left, are greeted on the red carpet by Michael Byrd, right and Nicole Lindsey.

“He works too hard to make sure we have things in life, it’s time we celebrate him,” said Kiara Byrd, daughter.

“I just had a root canal done, and my dad was more concerned about my well-being, then his birthday party; that’s why it’s time to celebrate him,” Ayanna Byrd, daughter.

Lailah Byrd simply said, “He cares for me, and cheers me up; that’s why I love him.”

Nicole Lindsey, Mr. Byrd’s girlfriend, spoke highly of her boyfriend. “He’s outgoing, and good provider, and my parents love him,” she said. The day of Mr. Byrd’s party, Ms. Lindsey said, “I told him today is your day. Michael quickly responded by saying, ‘No, today is the day everybody gets to feel like somebody; that’s why I wanted the Hollywood theme.’