By Jurry Taalib-Deen
Journal Staff Writer

Abdullah Ali, founder of Tarbyyatt ul Haqq Ministries, has a plan for the inner city of Toledo. He wants to financially educate as many young people as possible, while simultaneously, purchase properties to provide affordable housing to those areas.

Abdullah Ali, left, introduces the bankers of Woodforest National Bank; Bobbie Jo Elder, branch manager, and Kitiana Snoderly.

He began moving in that direction when his organization, C.E.R.P.P, Community Extraction Relocation & Protection Program, hosted a financial literacy program, conducted by administration from the Woodforest National Bank. Held on Wednesday, January 8, at Toledo Masjid Al-Islam, 722 E. Bancroft, Mr. Ali believes one of the keys to independence starts with financial literacy.

Some of the topics discussed during the interactive program, included the difference between banks, and credit unions, managing a savings, and checking account, how to use, and get the most out of prepaid cards, and understanding the difference between reloadable cards, and debit cards.

“Establishing, and keeping an active account, as well as building credit, are a few of the best ways to better your situation,” Mr. Ali told The Toledo Journal.

Bobbie Jo Elder, branch manager at Woodforest National Bank, said they would also be teaching on how to access credit reports, and increase credit scores.

“Although technology has made everything easier, including banking, there are a lot of people who don’t understand how to use that technology to their benefit; so we help people access that benefit,” she said.

Pamela Banner found out about the event on social media. “This is a really good event. Everyone should look at ways at educating themselves on finances. And even though this is a free event, I would’ve paid for it, if it wasn’t free.”

Future ventures, of the non-profit organization include pairing young people up with professionals so they can shadow them at their place of employment.

C.E.R.P.P also has other ventures aimed at bettering the community; one of which is includes distributing food at their food pantry.

“My other goal includes purchasing, and rehabbing properties in order to provide good, and affordable housing to those living in the inner city,” Mr. Ali said.

For more information, Mr. Ali can be reached at 419.975.8618.