Economists are forecasting a recession, due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus; which has either caused businesses to shut down, or limit their transactions. Therefore, what are some of the issues that cause you to be concerned about the impending recession?

Yakub Mujaahid
Direct Care Professional

My biggest concern is being able to pay my bills, buy groceries, and other household necessities. Although the field I work in is considered essential, the particular department I work in is shut down; I’m unemployed at the moment. Even though I’ll be back to working once the coronavirus is under control, a recession may cause me to lose my job.

Bianka Edwards
Oncology Coder

I’m worried about a recession causing teacher lay-offs. When that happens, it creates an unstable environment for our children, which affects learning, as well as them getting food. And I know the government is sending out stimulus checks to either, help avoid a recession, or minimize the impact, but how are we to spend it when many of the businesses we frequent are closed. And even though I do have a job that’s essential, I’m still afraid of the impact of a recession.

Rencie Williams

My biggest concern is not being fully prepared for a recession. As soon as I heard about the possibility of our country falling into another one, I started saving more money and stocking up on food, and supplies. Although my job, picking up deceased people, is recession proof, there’s definitely reason to be worried.

Myron White

Since I’m retired, I’m not prepared for a recession; it would devastate me. So one of my biggest concerns is removing Trump from office. If he stays in, he’ll only make the recession worse. Trump has already isolated us from our allies, so making sure he isn’t re-elected is one of my biggest concerns.

Kesha Jenkins

I’m concerned about my job, as well as other people’s jobs. Many of us are trying to pay our mortgages and other bills. I have to pay for medications out of my pocket; so a recession would be traumatic on me, as well as most people.