Second Baptist honors Overseer Dr. Jerry, First Lady Debra Boose

Thirteenth Pastoral Anniversary

La’Nita Roberts presents a plaque from the church that speaks of the devot Pastor and the faithfulness of a wife.

By Jurry Taalib-Deen
Journal Staff Writer

“Committed, energized and a God sent to, not just Second Baptist, but the entire community and the partnerships you’ve helped form over the years,” were the words of Cerssandra McPherson, Toledo City At-Large Council Member to Overseer Dr. Jerry Boose, senior pastor at Second Baptist Church, 9300 Maumee Western Rd, Monclova. Her words came during the 13th Pastoral celebration held on Sunday, September 26 at the church.

Besides Councilwoman McPherson attending the celebration, Bishop Neal Roberson and the members of Church of the Harvest in Flint, Michigan, as well a,s invited guests from the Toledo Greater Metropolitan area, attended the event.

People came from as far away as St. Louis Missouri to celebrate the 13th Pastoral Anniversary of Overseer Jerry and First Lady Debra Boose.

Shirley Williams, church administrator at Second Baptist Church told The Toledo Journal why her Pastor deserved to be honored.

“Not only is he a Pastor, he’s a leader who is there for anyone. Whatever a member needs he’ll provide for him or her. He’s spiritual, anointed and I can’t thank God enough for him,” she said.

Overseer Boose’s leadership isn’t just confined inside the walls of his church and throughout the Toledo Metropolitan area, he serves in leadership capacities in the Kingdom Destiny Fellowship International;, KDFI. There, he’s over the midwest region, which encompasses Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Canada and he’s also the Chief of Operations. Bishop Derrick Robinson, who presides over KDFI, speaks highly of Overseer Boose’s leadership skills.

Cerssandra McPherson, Toledo City At-Large Councilwoman, presents Overseer Boose with a Resolution from Toledo City Council.

“Even during the pandemic, Overseer Boose has shown great leadership skills. He’s very valuable to KDFI,” he said.

“I just want today to be about God and not about me,” Overseer Boose told the congregation. “During the past year Covid cancelled a lot of events. A lot of people won’t return to church because they’re afraid they might catch it. So today, I want people to focus on a revival; focus on God.”

Shirley Williams, left, presents First Lady Debra Boose with a token of her appreciation for her leadership.

A man of God all his life, Overseer Boose also served as a firefighter from 1984 until 2014. The last 13 years of his service was as the administrator of health benefits for the city of Toledo firefighters and their families.

In addition to working with various religious denominations, Overseer Boose has formed allegions with Lucas County Metropolitan Housing Authority, Authority Service Corporation, Neighborhood Health Association, Toledo Urban Credit Union, and continues to serve as a Chaplain to his brothers and sisters in the Toledo Fire Department.