Many attorneys who want to be judges work as prosecutors first, to show they’re tough on crime by putting criminals in jail. President Joe Biden’s nomination for the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first African American woman nominated for the position, once served as an assistant public defender before becoming a judge. If confirmed, she would be the first modern day Justice with experience as a public defender. Therefore, what type of insight could she bring to the court?

Takisha Cleveland Cavanaugh
Construction Worker

“I think we’re going to get sensitivity to our causes from her; being that she used to be a public defender. I also think that, when it comes to matters concerning African Americans and poor people, she may be able to influence the other Justices when it comes to making decisions.”

Charles Cavanaugh
Alzheimer’s Care Worker

“I think she’ll bring a positive image of Black women. I think the Justices don’t see Black women as positive, because they’re out of touch with society and so, Ketanji Brown Jackson will give them a first hand experience. Also, since she was a public defender, African Americans and poor people will have good representation on the Court, because of her past experience. It just seems like she has a good heart.”

Romeo Taylor
Auto Worker

“She’ll be more open minded to African Americans and the things that affect us and better represent those points on the bench. I also think, due to her background, she may be able to persuade the other Justices to make fair decisions as it pertains to us.”

Crystal Cross

“If she was willingly helping less fortunate people in court, before becoming a judge, I think she’ll bring that same spirit to the Supreme Court.”

Charles Graddy

“Besides bringing positivity, I think she’ll bring the experience of working with African Americans and poor people to the Supreme Court. Her interaction with common everyday people will allow her and hopefully the other Justices, to make better decisions.”

Sheldon Glaze
Construction Worker

“She’ll be bringing a left-sided view to the court. Right now, there are too many judges on the bench that have a right-sided, or republican view on life. Most prosecutors seem to be republican, so it’ll be good to have someone on the Supreme Court with a democratic perspective.”