As a result of the Coronavirus, we’re living in a, somewhat, quarantined environment that consists of loss of jobs, and social distancing. How are you and your family coping with the circumstances?

Jerrie Conner
Insurance Agent

I’m blessed to have a job that’s considered essential. But I am worried about leaving the house, and contracting the virus, and bringing it back home to my family. But one of the ways my family and I are dealing with everything is by playing games, taking walks in the park, and they still get homework from school to help occupy their time. I pretty much just go to work the grocery store, check on my parents, and come home. I’m just happy we still have our health at this time.

Antwon Taylor | Factory Worker
Fortunately, I’m still employed. But we’re working a lot of hours at this time, because soon, hours will be cut; so both of those factors are, and will take a toll on me. Everything else is really hard adjusting to. I’m eating more fast food because I don’t feel safe going into, and staying for long times, at the grocery store. It’s just really hard dealing with; especially knowing the entire situation is none of our fault.

Leo Davis | Printer
So far, everything is going good. I’m still working, which is defiantly good, since so many people have been laid off. And when you have a house, there are always things to do to occupy my time. Sometimes, I come to the park to exercise. Overall, nothing in my life has changed. But I have noticed some of the products in the stores are outdated, so I ask everyone to make sure you check the dates on your food before purchasing. I believe the high demand for food is causing grocers to sell, or keep outdated products on the shelves longer.

Joseph Pickett | Retailer/Property Management
As of now, I’m copping well. I’m following the guidelines of social distancing, and wearing face covering, and protective gloves. I’m also fortunate to still be employed. I fact, my employer has instituted a system in which management take turns rotating, while at the office; this way, we maintain social distancing. When I shop, I usually try to get enough food that will last me for 10 days.

Marjorie Harris

Things aren’t bad for me. My kids are grown, so I don’t have to worry about taking care of little ones. I’m still working as a teacher, it’s just
everything is done online. I still grade papers, and prepare homework assignments. But not having face to face interaction with the kids, does pose another challenge when it comes to helping them with their work. Also, before the shutdown of businesses, I used to love shopping at thrift stores; but that’s no more. Another way I keep busy is by making face masks for anyone who needs them.