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Art Museum honors ‘Change Makers’ at Juneteenth, Father’s Day celebration

By Journal Staff Writer

The Toledo Art Museum, 2445 Monroe, honored 10 people who they determined make a positive difference for individuals, or the community. Organizers call those individuals, “Change Makers,” and they were honored on a Juneteenth/Father’s Day celebration held in the museum’s Peristyle Theater. The ceremony took place during the intermission of a concert that featured national recording artists, Raheem DeVaughn, and Jane Eugene, the original lead singer of Loose Ends.

A selection committee from The Toledo Art Museum, selected the individuals based on their works within the community. Amongst the 10 being honored was Sonia Flunder-McNair, CEO of Sonia Organics & Urban Wholistics.

“When I first received the email telling me I was being honored, it took me a couple of days to respond because I was really surprised; honored, but surprised,” she said. The business owner, and community activist continued by saying, “People aren’t used to seeing someone in the line of work I’m in, receive awards.”

Sonia Organics & Urban Wholistics educates people about the benefits of using food, and herbs as medicine, and the business revitalizes undeveloped land, amongst other things.

Reggie Williams, executive director of the Frederick Douglas Community Center, popularly known as, “The Doug,” was also a honoree at the event.

“For me, for us, to be honored on this day gives life, and spirit to all of us that have been working,” he said. “This highlights what we are doing over at The Doug. Even if I didn’t receive this award, or any award, I’d still continue to do the things I’m doing. Again, I’m honored to have been selected.”

The Doug offers numerous outreach programs for children, as well as adults. After school tutoring, and sports are just two of the programs.
The other honorees were Suzettee Cowell, David Ross, Dr. Carmel Smith, Celeste Felix, Calvin Sweeney, Alicia Smith, Christine Sweeney, and Robert Smith.

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