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The Future of America is People of Color

By Roger Caldwell, NNPA Newswire Contributor

As America struggles with the challenges of Covid-19, and a depression/recession, there is sunshine and a belief of tremendous success with people of color (POC). Truth, integrity and factual information are the foundation that President Biden and Vice-President Harris are building their administration upon. The past four years were based on corruption, lies and textbook racism. But Democracy — and America’s voice: the vote — won again.

Many Republicans and political pundits may see the new administration as a mistake, but 84 million people, the most in the history of America, voted with their hearts and their souls. So, this is the new truth. America has shifted, and Republican foolishness and corruption will be exposed and destroyed on a daily level.

There is dangerous behavior being exhibited in the Republican Party, with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. On Thursday, 2/4/21, Congresswoman Greene was stripped of her committee posts, in education and budget. The House Democrats joined by 11 Republicans felt she was a danger to the integrity of the body, and many are calling for her to resign her position as a Congresswoman.

“Mostly, the headlines have been about her (previously held) conspiratorial QAnon beliefs, claims that 9/11 did not happen, that school shootings such as the one at Sandy Hook 2012 in Connecticut that killed 26 children and adults were staged and more,” says Andrew Buncombe – reporter for The Independent. This is an indicator that millions of Americans think like her, and they are caught up in a delusionary reality.

As the Republicans remain in gridlock, the Democrats have learned that they cannot wait for them to make up their minds, nor wait to see which way they will go. The Democrats have majorities in the Senate/House, and they are preparing to move forward.

There is a diversity explosion taking place across the country, in the White House, in Congress, with women and with people of color. The new census reports confirm the importance of racial minorities as the primary demographic engine of the nation’s growth.

“The new census projections indicate that for youth under the age of 18, the post millennia population, minorities will outnumber Whites in 2020,” says William Frey, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program. This is amazing data for people of color, because Whites are not replacing themselves with babies. Soon there will be an inflection point, and there will be more people of color than White people in America.

William Frey is projecting in 2045; America will become “minority White.”

There is nothing Americans can do about this scientific fact. As the Biden administration begins to address criminal justice and prison reform, the killing of Black and Brown people must end. There are many organizations across the country, fighting in solidarity to change policing in America.

There are now more than 40% of the residents in the country, who identify themselves as people of color (POC). The future of America is with people of color, because they are an interchangeable member of a shared group, and also has a unique identity such as Black or Hispanic.

Public discussion often overlooks the fact that groups called minorities can choose from several identities. A person of color can call themselves Black, Latino, Asian, Mexican, Jamaican, Chinese or any other culture they are comfortable with. Depending on the circumstances, this is a new identity that will get larger as people refuse to call themselves White.

As America shifts under the administration of Biden, the majority in the Democratic Party will be people of color (POC). This makes sense as it reflects the commonality of America, and the fight is for racial equity, and respect for people as human beings.

As anti-racist efforts and organizations continue to grow and unfold, the battle will be coordinated and organized by people of color. People of color will no longer be the minority, they will become the majority, and this will happen before 2045.

The responsibility of people of color is to stand up and be counted. To relax and wait for change is no longer an option. If you want change, remember you are no longer the minority as people of color, and register and vote.

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