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Ask Dr. Sam

Just like “everything that glitters is not gold” and “what looks good to you, may not be good for you,” similarly, “smiling faces, they sometimes pretend to be your friend.”   Smiling faces tell lies; they don’t always tell the truth.

How many of you have had people smile in your face and then say what you know is a lie?   What if a fellow employee smiled in your face but told lies on you behind your back? What if you found out that the closest people to you were telling lies on you?

It is a known fact that lots of the people you encounter on your jobs, in church, at the store and anywhere else you might interact with people are hiding their real feelings, opinions, prejudices, or intolerances behind a mask, a smile, and a lie.  And there are those who will blatantly admit and show you exactly how they feel and think.

Remember this, if someone doesn’t love you or doesn’t believe in you, or lies to you, their smiling face means absolutely nothing.    Look beyond the mask and beyond that smiling face.  Beware of anyone who would tear you down to build themselves up.  No matter what anybody ever thinks about you, or say about you, know who you are and you can smile in the face of any adversity. Don’t let others define who you are.


Dear Dr. Sam,

I have a friend that I have known for years, but I am constantly hearing that she is talking about me behind my back how should I handle that?

(Becky, 40)


Dear Becky,

You have two options either confront her about the rumors or cut off the friendship. If you are constantly hearing this, you may want to consider the source.  Are you hearing this constantly from the same person or from different people.  If from the same person, maybe that person is jealous of your long-term friendship.  You may want to give her the benefit of the doubt being you have known her for years. Just ask her what’s going on?


Dear Dr. Sam,

How do I know when I have found a good woman?

(Eric, 30)


She will fulfill your wants and needs. Plus, she will fulfill wants and needs you never knew you had until you met her. Eric, you will know deep down in your heart, when you have met THE woman because she will be different from the rest. Go to the next level with her.

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