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Second Baptist Church hosts ‘Evening of Excellence’ featuring Bishop Neal Roberson

By Leah Williams

Second Baptist Church hosted an ‘Evening of Excellence’ featuring Bishop Neal Roberson on Saturday, February 15. Dinner was served in the church fellowship hall followed by a concert in the sanctuary featuring Bishop Roberson, a long-time friend of Second Baptist Pastor Jerry L. Boose.

During the concert, the packed audience howled in laughter at Bishop Neal’s comedic anecdotes but were also visibly moved as he ministered through song, testimony, and the word. Pastor Boose said it was just the kind of evening that he envisioned when God impressed upon him to host an event for all people near Valentine’s Day.

“The whole concept came behind we’re going through so much in this country now and in people’s lives. I just wanted to have an evening where we could get away and enjoy each other [and] have a nice dinner,” he said. “I just felt this would be something good to offer to the community so we could come together and for a little while forget all about our troubles and just focus on what God has done.”

Several men in attendance including Pastor Jerry L. Boose, center, lift their hands in worship as Bishop Roberson ministers during the concert.

Pastor Boose said that when he and church administrator Shirley Williams began to discuss the event, he immediately thought of Bishop Roberson.

“He has been a friend of mine for 20-some years. I used to sing with a group called First Creation, and we met Bishop Roberson on the road,” he said. “And when I thought about this event, my heart went to him because I knew he could bring so much to it. So, it’s been a joy.”

Bishop Roberson sang his original songs including selections from his latest album entitled Shout. He also shared stories about his life and family. Many attendees cried out and were in tears when he gave a powerful testimony of being healed from stage 3 lung cancer.

At the end of the evening, it was evident that Pastor Boose and the planning committee were extremely happy with how the event turned out. Both Pastor Boose and committee member Kay Williams specifically acknowledged church administrator Shirley Williams who they say made the event possible.

“I have to thank Shirley Williams. I gave her the vision and she ran with it and pulled all this together, so we want to thank her,” Pastor Boose said.

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