Zig Ziggler once said “That happiness is not something you plan for in the future, you make plans for it now.” Have you ever wanted to get out of a present relationship to be with the man or woman of your dreams? Do you do things you don’t want to, but are afraid what other people might think? Have you ever had the right situation at the wrong time? What about taking more risk in your life seeking better opportunities? How about having friends, family, and associates that love and respect you? When was the last time you said to yourself “I am happy.”

Happiness comes in all forms and each individual as their own perception of what true happiness is? I have talked to a lot of people over the years and the one thing they all agreed to was that everybody wants to be happy. What is your true happiness? It’s possible to obtain happiness on a daily basis I know it may sound crazy, but it’s true with God all things are possible. Let’s take a look at five things you should do on your way to happiness.

Number one: Make the decision to be happy. Have the right perception in each of life’s situations. Know what people to get out of your life, the ones to keep and the ones to let in. No human being can totally make you happy they can assist you, but there have to be a level of self-happiness that you are already engaged in. How do you get to true happiness? Real happiness starts with you and God then everything else. The first thing is look in the mirror and say what do I really want, think, and I need for my life? This may take a little time because most of us don’t know what makes us happy? Most of us are chasing happiness, but won’t do what it takes to get there. That’s why you need to think big, dream big and go after it.

Number two: Be honest and tell yourself the truth no matter what. You have to go through the reflection in the mirror to get to your true happiness. You are the only one that’s knows all your secrets and how you really feel. That is an excellent place to start. Are you truly happy? The truth hurts sometimes, but it never lets us down always guiding us in the right direction.

Number three: Decide what you need to do then do what you don’t want to do. Whether it’s getting the relationship you really want, changing friends or creating better opportunities for yourself. It is hard for some people to change, but that’s the reason that ninety-nine percent won’t do what the one percent in the world population will. When you want true happiness you will not make any excuses for not getting it. Never let anybody stand in your way of having true happiness.

Number four: You will have to walk through fear to get to happiness. There will always be times in your life when you will always be times in your life when you will be afraid of something, but think about it every time you come out of a fear situation you’re always happy about it.

Number five: True happiness is not given it is earned. In order to be happy you have to value your relationship with God, yourself and everything else. On the 70’s- 80’s hit television show “Dallas” Jock Ewing the father of J.R. and Bobby Ewing once told Bobby “that power is not something somebody gives you, power is something you take.” Happiness is something that is apprehended in the mist of your life journey. Take your happiness by force and never let anything or anyone stop you from being truly happy.


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